John and Lucy Fandek feel very fortunate to live near Cora, Wyoming on the edge of the Wind River Mountain Range and famed Bridger Wilderness Area, with the headwaters of the Green River running nearby.

Although not as wild and undeveloped as it once was, the area is still a haven of wildlife, wildland and the ways of the Old West. Like many people who are attracted to remote places, the young John and Lucy chose where they wanted to live and make a life, then did whatever necessary to make a LIVING.

Over the years John has been a fence builder, cowboy, logger, trapper, hunting guide, and operator of several ranches in the Upper Green River country. Lucy contributed to the livelihood with jobs too numerous to mention. She was also one of the first paid EMTs in Sublette County and continued in that capacaity for many years.

For over three years the couple lived in a 12 foot by 16 foot log cabin they built, with no indoor plumbing and no electricity; not quite real "homesteading' but almost. John currently remains involved with a nearby cattle ranch where he has worked off and on for the past 37 years. He also has been a seasonal employee with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for the past 30 years.

Through these 45 years of adventure and misadventure in the Mountain West (and in recent years in Canada and Alaska) John has carried a camera, destroying more than a few expensive Nikons in rivers, lakes, and on rocky trails.

Always comfortable and at home in the out-of-doors, his interest in outdoor photography was kindled at a young age; he remembers carrying his mother's Brownie box camera on youthful expeditions, with warnings of "don't use all the film!" In those days, film for the Brownie Six-20 contained 12 exposures, a vast difference from the multi-gigabyte memory cards of today's digital cameras.

Always fascinated with the possibility of more and better images, the pursuit continues...


Lucy and John Fandek share lunch
during a backcountry ski adventure.

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